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Advanced analytics. Tables, graphs, regressions, correlations and much more. No need in external staristic software. Presentation- and publication-ready reports of results. Native export to MS Office. Intuitive drag'n'drop interface. Easy to use. Sceduled emailing of invitations and reminders. Distribution via link, QR code, email, social media. Multilingual surveys. Automatic translation in 106 languages. Mobile First. Filters, display, and branching logic. White-label surveys. Work in teams. All functions are available in all tariffs.
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Easy to use

Clear, user-friendly, self-explanatory, yet full featured user interface. Even complex projects become simple with QUESTIONSTAR, both for experts and beginners.
Actionable Analyses

Advanced Analytics, Ready to Use

Tables, graphs, regressions, correlations, crosstabs, descriptive and inferential stats. Native export to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF - ready for presentation and publication.
Suitable for all kinds of surveys: Market research, customer or employee satisfaction, teaching evaluation, application forms, onsite feedback, tests and exams – whatever you need.
Secure and GDPR compliant
Servers in Europe, encrypted connection, separation of personal data, firewalls, backups... QUESTIONSTAR meets all legal requirements and goes beyond them.
Rich In Functions
We have all the bells and whistles you need. Didn't find somesthing? Just let us know – we will find a solution tailored for you!

The freedom of sophistication

With 30+ question types and multitude of settings and options, you are free to carry out any survey project you may think of. We warn you, however, not to overuse this freedom. Remember to stick to your real information needs.
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The security of comfort

You are our user, and we are your friends. This is how the word "user-friendly" comes about. Feel free to make changes, undo, and redo them. But be careful: the survey is not about making changes – it's about the facts you want to know.
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"WYSIWYG" stands for "What You See Is What You Get"

Well, we implement what we call WYSIWY(N)G, whereby the "N" stands for "Nearly". That is, while editing your survey you always see what you (nearly) get. You edit your questionnaire in almost the same way as in the MS Word. No annoying "Save" buttons or additional windows for entering questions. The one thing that remains, you may want to style your questionnaire.
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You can change the order of questions simply by moving them. This works on your desktop as well as on mobile devices.
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Flexible Design

Customize the look and feel of your survey using our designer tools or use one of our layout templates that our designers have developed for you.
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Rich Text Editor

With our Rich Text Editor, you can not only write your texts and questions but also format and design them in almost any way you like: Add Pictures, Tables, Videos, Maps, or even more.
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Corporate Identity

Is it important for you to be recognized? Want to adapt the design of your questionnaires to your corporate identity? At this point, just like our competition, we answer with an "F"-word. However, contrary to them, we use another word and say "Feel free!" – in any plan.
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Works On All Devices

QUESTIONSTAR simply works on all devices – mobile or not. It's understood. Nothing to add. (Not everyone can do this, by far.)
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Multilingual Questionnaires

Just think for a moment, how would you do it with other tools? Create alternative questionnaire versions for each language and then copy-paste their data into one excel file to analyze the results? With QUESTIONSTAR you don't have to do it any longer – just add a language and translate. If you don't know the target language, you can use our AI-translations into 106 languages – they've become very good in the meanwhile.
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Distribute Survey

Now that your questionnaire is ready, just post it to social networks or share it as a link via email or QR-Code - all directly from our tool.
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Advanced Data Analysis

Tables, correlations, crosstabs, regressions, t-Tests, descriptives... All that is available online within the reports section of our tool. If these words didn't convince you by now, may we please ask you why did you scroll all the way down 'till this point? ;)
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Native Export to MS Office

As mentioned above, all our reports (tables and graphs) can be exported in the native MS Office formats, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. The data and graphs remain editable and, what's more important, are readiliy formated for perentations and publlications.

Moreover, the raw data can be exported into SPSS (keeping labels) and CSV formats, so that you can prepare your results exactly the way you want to use them in your report.
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We have all the Features you need.
If we don't have something, we will implement it for you. Just let us know about your needs.
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For free. All features included.
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