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QUESTIONSTAR is the most powerful web service for conducting professional online surveys in all business sectors.

We offer multiple functions for creating professional online surveys of any type and complexity. This includes a set of tools that enable the users to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the collected data and create survey reports that are compatible with all MS Office applications and can be exported and edited as required.

QUESTIONSTAR has a smart and straightforward user interface, but the multiplicity of functions and tools calls for a brief overview. We hope this Online Help section will help you answer all questions related to QUESTIONSTAR and its services.

Online Help Structure

This Online Help section includes chapters highlighting individual tools.

Other chapters offer a more nuanced description of various functions of the online survey tool, including their settings, purpose, effects, and usage. Please refer to these chapters to gain a better insight into each tool and its functions.

Depending on your device resolution, the Online Help Contents will be shown either on the left pane or at the top. You can use the Contents to navigate between various topics of the Online Help section.

The Four Steps of Your Survey

On QUESTIONSTAR, the survey lifecycle includes four steps: (i) Create survey, (ii) Style survey (optional), (iii) Distribute survey: send out invitations and collect data, and (iv) Analyze data and report results.


Each of these steps has its own distinctive design in the QUESTIONSTAR interface.

An Overview of Available Tools


The Dashboard is the first thing you will see after signing into QUESTIONSTAR. This board shows an overview of all your draft surveys and their respective status. You can also use folders to organize your projects (on the left pane), create new surveys, and launch, stop, and delete them. This is also the starting point for all other actions you can apply to your surveys (on the right pane). You can learn more about this option in the Building Your Survey chapter.

Survey Editor

You can use the Survey Editor to tailor the content and essence of your survey in line with your needs. You can add questions and customize answer options, define the scaling type and properties, divide your questions between pages, and set up the branching logic, as well as the display logic for showing the alternatives available for a specific question. To learn more, please go to the Editing Your Survey chapter.

The Layout-Editor

You can use this tool to customize the visual design of your survey. You can either select one of the ready-made templates or create your own layout and fashion it in line with your corporate style (available for fee-based plans) or your own ideas. You can also check how your survey will be displayed on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. If you want to learn more, please go to the Styling Your Survey chapter.

Survey Distribution

This tool is the dispatch/delivery center for all your surveys; it offers several ways to distribute your survey, including anonymous or personal links, QR code, and various social media. Alternatively, you can use the embedded Mailing tool and your own mailing lists to send out survey invitations directly from QUESTIONSTAR. For more details, please see the Distributing Your Survey chapter.

Reports and Analytics

You can use this section to analyze the data obtained in the course of your survey and view survey reports. You can use a wide variety of graphs, charts, and tables to visualize your data or conduct different types of multivariate statistical analysis. At this point, you can also filter your data. You can share your survey reports online with your colleagues or export them in MS Office format and edit in relevant desktop applications. For more details, please go to the Analyzing Data chapter.



If you couldn’t find an answer to your question in this Online Help section, or if you are having issues with our tools or found an error, please don’t hesitate to contact Support. Our support team will be happy to help you with any request you may have!

We will do our best to help you and solve your issue as soon as possible. At QUESTIONSTAR, 92% of customer issues are closed within the hour.

Request New Tools and Leave Feedback


Our goal is to develop world’s best online survey toolbox, so we’re ready to work even harder to meet your needs.

If you are in need of a new function that we don’t offer yet, drop us a line, and we will make this happen.

Likewise, we are always grateful for your feedback, be it improvement suggestions, praise, or criticism. Please tell us what you think. Your honest opinion can help us improve our service, making it more efficient for you and many other clients.

Many thanks in advance!


Enjoy QUESTIONSTAR, and we wish you the best of luck with your projects!