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Our partners have already received € 1 238 673 in commissions.

Secure an additional passive income by recommending QUESTIONSTAR to others.

QUESTIONSTAR is one of the most advanced and feature-rich online survey tools in the world. It is also user-friendly and has a transparent pricing model with no hidden costs. Not only can you recommend QUESTIONSTAR to others with a quiet heart – your recommendation recipients will thank you from the bottom of their hearts! On top of that you earn money.

Our offer to you:

Every time a customer that comes from your recommendation registers at QUESTIONSTAR and makes their first payment, you receive 30% of the license price they’ve paid. Each time that they renew their subscription, you get paid an additional 10% – without having to do anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

In your partner account you will receive a link to the QUESTIONSTAR website that contains your individual partner ID. You will also receive a QR code for this link. Share this link with your friends and colleagues, email it, put it on your website, mention it in your blog, or share it in your social media postings; show the QR code during your presentation or print it in your marketing collaterals or info letters.

Once the recipient of your recommendation clicks on this links and comes to our website, a cookie file is saved in their browser that tells our system that this customer comes from you. When this person then registers with QUESTIONSTAR, your partner code is saved in their user profile. This way our system knows for sure that you are the one who recommended us to this customer. This method works even if several months pass between the first click on your referral link and the actual registration.

Every time this person makes a payment to QUESTIONSTAR, our system will automatically credit your partner account with the corresponding commission.

In your partner account you can see a summary of the transactions that the customers that you’ve acquired made and you can withdraw your reward to your credit card or your PayPal account.

The payment of your commission credit can be made either to your credit card or to your PayPal account. If you don’t have a credit card or PayPal user account yet but would still like to participate in our partner program, you can easily create an account at PayPal.

You can also connect a credit card or PayPal account to the partner program at a later date. Until then, your commission credit will accumulate in your partner account and wait for you.

Every time a customer you recommended QUESTIONSTAR to signs up and makes their first payment, you receive 30% of the amount paid. For each subsequent payment made by this person, you will receive 10% of the payment amount.

For example, if a customer you recommended us to signs up and buys a subscription for the price of €100, you will receive €30 from this first payment. If this person decides to prolong the subscription after it has expired, you will receive €10,- from this second payment. If this person then decides to extend their subscription plan to a plan that costs €1,000, you will receive another €100 at that moment without having to do anything for it.

Usually, it takes 7 days to process your cashout request and transfer the money to your credit card or PayPal account. For the first payout request, this period can be extended to 30 to 40 days. We do this to prevent fraud attempts. We want to make sure that the partner program works perfectly for you, your referral recipients and QUESTIONSTAR.

Regretfully, in most of the cases yes. The laws of most states consider commission for recommendation of a client to be ordinary taxable income. Although in some states the commission up to a certain amount is tax exempt, for most of our partners this is not a consolation as they earn much more than this minimum. In any case, it makes sense to consult with your tax advisor.

But, hey! This is a passive income! Everybody benefits from your recommendation: you, your clients and us. This is a win-win-win situation!

The minimum payout amount is €50 and maximum is limited only by the ballance in your partner account.

If you already have a user account with QUESTIONSTAR, simply log in with your user data into the partner account.

If you don’t have a user account yet, please register for the partner program.

Then activate your partner account by registering your credit card or PayPal account, to which we will transfer your commission.

With your personal referral link and QR code there are plenty of ways to recommend QUESTIONSTAR and earn money:

You email the link, include it in a newsletter, publish it on your website or blog, integrate it in a video, post it in social media or even develop an advertising campaign with the link.

You print the QR Code on flyers, business cards, info sheets or in brochures, or beam it onto the wall during a lecture, presentation, or training.

Of course yes!

Your participation in our partner program depends only on your decision. We are happy to welcome you as our partner!

Yes and no. The GDPR prohibits us from disclosing the personal data of your acquired customers. Nevertheless, in your partner account you will have access to the exact information about the transactions you generated. In accordance with GDPR, the personal data of the customers are displayed pseudonymously. This means that you do not see the names of the customers, but you can see all transactions that you have generated.

Yes, there are detailed advertisement rules in your partner account, so you can find out what to consider when spreading recommendations – what is allowed and what is not.

In short, the rules are actually quite simple: respect your potential customers, be honest with them, and don’t promise what you can’t do.

You can find the partner agreement here.

Yes, of course! In your partner account you can download the marketing materials that will help you design your recommendations. They include the logo in various formats, promotional videos, case studies, screenshots, presentations of the product, and much more.

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