Frequently Asked Questions

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At QUESTIONSTAR, we pursue the policy of maximum transparency, so that you always know how much your survey projects cost you and can always plan them precisely.

Our prices are therefore based on only four factors:

  • The number of surveys started simultaneously in a user account.
  • The number of invitation emails you can send from our tool per month.
  • The number of users who can work on survey projects within your license.
  • The duration of the license.


All features and functions are available in all plans without limitations. You can create as many surveys as you need, each with an unlimited number of questions and respondents. Solely in the FREE plan the number of respondents per survey is limited to 50. In all other tariffs there is no such limitation.

We currently accept payments through:

  • Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and UnionPay
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer (when ordering by invoice)

Yes! All transactions on our website are encrypted. All payment providers we work with to process your payments are PCI DSS certified and therefore meet the highest security standards for online payments. We do not store credit card numbers or any other credentials of your payment method, so they cannot leak from our website.

Yes! If you order a STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL subscription plan as a company or organization, you can order by invoice. To do this, simply select “Invoice” when choosing your payment method.

In this case, we will send you an invoice to the email address you specify during the registration process. You can also download the invoice on the “Invoices & Billing” tab in your profile settings. Your user account will be activated according to your chosen plan.

We ask you to pay our invoice within 14 days from the issuing date. In case we do not receive the payment within this period, your user account will automatically be downgraded to the FREE plan with all its restrictions. All surveys will be stopped except for the one you’ve started last and your access to the respondent data will be limited to the first 50 records. In case your payment was delayed, we will notify you per emails about its receipt. At the same time, the restrictions of the FREE tariff will be removed. However, you will have to manually restart the stopped surveys.

You can upgrade your plan at anytime, even if you already have a paid subscription with us. In the latter case, you will only have to pay for the difference between the remaining running time of your old and new plans. The expiration date of your upgraded license remains the same. After this date, your plan will be renewed with the due of the full price of the new plan.

To upgrade your current plan, go to your profile settings, choose the subscription tab, click on the button “Upgrade now” and choose your new plan.

You can downgrade, that is, switch from a higher priced plan to a lower priced one at anytime. In this case, your old (already paid) plan will remain valid until its initial expiration date. From this date on the payment for a new plan will be due. On the same day, the running surveys that exceed the quota of the new plan will be stopped based on the FIFO principle (First In – First Out):  the surveys that were started first are stopped first until the number of active surveys allowed in the new plan has been reached.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. To do this, go to your profile settings, choose the tab “Subscription” and click on the button “Cancel subscription”.

Your current paid plan will remain valid until its initial expiry date. However, it will not automatically renew on this date. Instead, your subscription will downgrade to the FREE plan: All running surveys except for the one started last will be closed, the access to the respondent data will be limited to the first 50 entries per survey.

With our reduced academic rates we support the researchers, students, and non-commercial users of our tool.

In order to confirm your eligibility to use our academic rates, it is necessary that you use your email address provided to you by your academic institution (college or university) when registering. If you register with an email address that cannot be assigned to an academic institution, your affiliation with that institution will not be automatically confirmed. In this case, our support representative will contact you to manually verify your eligibility to use academic rates. However, this may slow down your registration process. Until your eligibility is confirmed, your user account will be subject to the restrictions of our FREE plan.

In addition, some universities and colleges own our campus license. Such universities and colleges allow their staff and students to take advantage of our academic plans at no additional cost. If you register with an email address of such a university, your user account will automatically be upgraded to the campus license free of charge.

If you want to conduct more surveys simultaneously than our highest rate allows, please contact our sales team. Together we will find a solution.

No problem! We will be happy to answer your questions! Do not hesitate to contact our support.

Yes, you can delete your user account at any time. To do this, go to your profile settings, choose the tab “User Account”, scroll down and click on the button “Delete Account”. All data associated with your user account will be irrevocably deleted. This includes your customer data, your surveys, the data collected, contact lists, pictures, layout templates, etc. The deletion is final and cannot be undone. Please note that no costs will be refunded if a payment plan is deleted during its term.

Alternative to the deletion of the user account, consider to downgrade it to the FREE plan. In this case, your subscription will not renew automatically. Instead, your plan will simply downgrade to the free FREE user account at the end of its term. In this case, all your data will retain. If necessary, you can upgrade your user account anytime later.