Google Data Studio Connector

Visualize your survey data.

QUESTIONSTAR Connector for
Google Data Studio

How to connect the data?

To connect your survey data with Google Data Studio, you need

Follow these steps to connect your survey data to Google Data Studio using our connector.

  1. Login to your Google Data Studio account using your Google credentials
  2. On the Google Data Studio Overview page select the “Connect to Data” tab
  3. Find and select the QUESTIONSTAR  Data Connector
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to complete the process of Authorization for the QUESTIONSTAR Data Connector
    (you may need to provide your QUESTIONSTAR credentials to grant Google Data Studio access to your surveys)
  5. Select the survey you want to pull data from, click “Connect” and proceed with the Data Scheme view
  6. You’re all set.

Now you have established a connection between the both tools and can use your survey data in your dashboards.

Please, be aware that there is a 15 minutes cache for efficiency purposes. In practice this means you get up to a 15 minutes delay in data freshness. The cached data is stored in your Google account.

Google Studio Connector with QUESTIONSTAR