• Unlimited number of questions
  • respondses per survey
    (Upgrading removes this limitation)
  •  emails per month
    (you can purchase additional emails)
  • Skip logic and randomization
  • Real-time online reports
  • Advanced analytic methods
  • Data export to CSV, XLSX, SPSS
  • Export reports, graphs, and tables in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Never expires
  • All other features included


In order to confirm your eligibility to use our academic rates, it is necessary that you use your email address provided by your academic institution when registering. If you register with an email address that cannot be assigned to an academic institution, your affiliation with that institution will not be automatically confirmed. In this case, our support representative will contact you to manually verify your eligibility to use academic rates. However, this may slow down your registration process. Until your eligibility is confirmed, your user account will be subject to the restrictions of our FREE plan.

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