3.6 What’s Next?

What’s Next?


  • Catch the respondents’ interest
  • Explain the reasons & objectives
  • Ask for their help
  • Tell that their support is valuable
  • Tell how much time it will last
  • Emphasize the anonymity
  • Incentivize
    (non-monetary incentives)

Pretest! Pretest! Pretest!!!

  • question content
  • wording
  • sequence
  • form and layout
  • question difficulty
  • instructions…
  • analysis procedures


1.Develop a flow chart of the information required based on the marketing research problem

  • Once the entire sequence is laid out, the interrelationships should become clear
  • Match up the actual data you would expect to collect from the questionnaire against the information needs listed in the flow chart
  • Be specific in the objective for each area of information and data. You should be able to write an objective for each area so specifically that it guides your construction of the questions.

2.At this stage, put on your “critic’s” hat on and go back over the flowchart and ask

  • Do I need to know it and know exactly what I am going to do with it? or
  • It would be nice to know it but I do not have to have it

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