Why use White Label technology when creating surveys?

In the realities of the modern world, almost all processes are automated thanks to information technology and various innovations. For example, work chats are managed using Slack, all meetings are hosted using Zoom, and email and related services are managed by Gmail. In this case, the question of creating software that would support people in their work is sharply raised. However, there is a certain problem, since now it is extremely difficult for employees to identify themselves and their own belonging to the company, when everything is gradually depersonalized due to the use of the same technologies. Nowadays, many companies work remotely, which does not contribute to the creation of a general atmosphere. The mugs with the company logo are no longer able to solve this problem, which means that every company now has a need to show its identity at every convenient opportunity, for which there is White Label technology.

Every large organization now needs to use effective online survey tools to satisfy the need for active communication. Online surveys are used as widely as possible, ranging from routine customer feedback to assessing the effectiveness of a particular department. However, even questions must obey a certain set of rules and logic, and White Label technology provides an opportunity to regularly explore the potential of branding.

What is White Label?

Before we begin to understand how White Label can help your company, it is very important to understand what this term characterizes. It will be easiest to point out that White Label is a phenomenon in which a company takes the finished product of another company and then renames it as its own.

Popular oatmeal is a prime example. Stores often have one brand that belongs to them, and the price of these cereals will be cheaper than the rest. It is clear that they were not engaged in independent product development, they only marked their own and others’ products for identification.

Another prime example of White Label is the well-known AmazonBasics. This service does not produce any products, it sells products of other companies, but already under its own brand.

White Label is becoming the ideal choice for large and popular brands like Amazon or Walmart. They free themselves from the need to solve all the problems associated with creating a product. In doing so, they can use their popularity to boost its sales. Thus, it becomes an extremely profitable option for all parties.

What is included in White Label surveys

Thanks to White Label, you get the opportunity to significantly expand the presence of your own brand, which becomes associated with another existing product. White Label Surveys are a category of surveys that are conducted using a dedicated online survey tool such as Questionstar. An important condition here will be that this tool will actively showcase your brand.

Initially, the tools for creating surveys may seem overly standardized to you, especially if you decide to use something like Google Forms. However, it is important to understand that standardization is not always negative, and it is especially positive when it is necessary to expand the position of your brand.

When using White Label surveys, there is a pleasant positive effect: while the employee is filling out your questionnaire, he will also get to know the brand in more detail. Consequently, White Label surveys are powerful marketing tools.

Why you should use White Label

In most cases, companies decide to use a standard polling interface that is available by default. This is a serious mistake as the online survey software must be unique. This becomes even more critical in a situation where everyone works remotely. In such a situation, your company should use all the tools and opportunities available to it to showcase its own brand. For this reason, you need to harness the potential of White Label surveys.

Features of company identification in employee surveys

Survey software is extremely effective when you need to conduct surveys among your own employees. For example, by contacting the Questionstar platform, you get the opportunity to conduct a full study of the specifics of the work of departments of your own company through the various survey templates available. It also provides a list of specific recommendations and improvements for your business.

It is very important to remember that the effectiveness of employee surveys will be greatly reduced if you do not brand the company. Many who have conducted surveys know that getting a person to take part in a survey is not easy. The presence of the company’s branding helps in this, since the employee begins to feel his own involvement in the “inner kitchen”, which increases his loyalty.

Another serious issue is the anonymity of employees during the survey. It is imperative that each employee can boldly express their opinion without fear for their own future and without feeling discomfort. Otherwise, their answers will be inaccurate or dishonest. Thus, it is obvious that if you send them a link to a survey in another tool, they will understand that their information and opinion is being sent to third parties, which means that their desire to respond will decrease. In turn, seeing the brand of their own company, they will feel more trust.

Thus, the White Label is a magical tool for conducting surveys among its employees, as it calms them down, instills a sense of involvement in a common cause, as well as increases loyalty.

It is important to remember that the feeling of belonging to a single large organization is not an empty phrase. Even if all employees work remotely and all they have is digital tools. Therefore, if you have any opportunity for these digital tools to reflect the identity of the company, then this must be done, since this will greatly affect the emotions and feelings of employees from working with you.

However, White Label surveys are great not only for working with employees, but also for working with customers. Surveys like these will make your brand familiar to everyone. For example, you can find out how likely customers are to recommend your product to someone else. What’s more, you can use this tool to conduct pre-sales surveys to better plan your new product launch later.

Remember, nothing is more boring and drab than sending out a standard Google form for everyone, which contains a series of required surveys. This does not motivate the person to participate in it, and also demonstrates that you are not trying to find new approaches and are just using old ideas. At the same time, the White Label will show your innovative and creative approach. So you can stand out among all the gray mass.

Moreover, we must not forget that conducting customer surveys is practically free advertising. When organized correctly, a survey can easily communicate the strengths and concepts of the brand to your customers, and therefore they will be interested in working with you. For any company looking to make a good impression, this opportunity is a great option to seriously increase its profitability.

Remember that you can also work on the style of the font, background and other elements, each of which should emphasize the overall aesthetics and style of your company.

Why is White Label credible?

Let’s consider a specific situation. An employee of your company or its client receives an email with an online survey. However, it leads to a third-party resource via the corresponding link. Already at this moment, a person will think that potentially it could be scammers who are trying to steal personal information. And he has the right to such a suspicion, since there are a lot of such scammers in the modern world.

When conducting confidential surveys, you are also best off using White Label as your primary strategy. Employees will be more willing to participate in such surveys when they see it as part of the company’s internal kitchen.

These two tips may seem overwhelmingly obvious, but keep in mind that they aim to maximize the respondent’s honesty. If the respondent is not honest, then all the information provided to him is useless, as well as your survey, which means that you will not be able to sort out problems in your work or promote your own product. For accurate data, you need maximum loyalty.

Show professionalism

The reason most of the survey distribution tools are free is pretty simple, when they send out your surveys, they also advertise their own brand. Therefore, they receive their payment due to the fact that you help in their promotion.

The use of free tools and methods of promotion says one thing – your intentions are not serious enough, you are not sure that your business is really successful, which is why you are not ready to invest even more in it. This is why you rely on free tools for your work. However, using White Label can help you with this.

When your customers see free surveys, they also get the impression that you are not being serious. Perhaps this statement is not true, but on a subconscious level, this thought will surely appear. Do not think that this is a trifle that you should not pay attention to, because it is from such trifles that the general attitude towards the brand develops. It is enough to become a little more serious for the client’s attitude to you to radically change.

Using White Label belongs to the category of professional approaches that show the seriousness of your intentions. This shows that you are not missing out on an opportunity to tell everyone about your business, because it does have many strengths. Of course, this will have a positive effect on the image and status of your company.

How to create a White Label survey

We’ve already covered many reasons why you should pay your own attention to White Label surveys. Firstly, they inspire confidence, both among the client and among employees, secondly, they promote your brand, and thirdly, they increase the cohesion of your team. Obviously, no company wants to give up such opportunities. However, there are not many companies currently using this technology. The explanation is quite simple – many managers think that this approach is too complicated.

We hasten to please you that this is far from the truth. At least now. There are many tools out there, such as Questionstar, that make it easy to create White Label surveys. All that is required of you is to draw up an application, after which you will be offered a working version.

Questionstar offers you the following ways to create such surveys:

1) Using your own domain. Everyone loves to have a survey hosted on their domain because it shows that you are solid.

2) CSS customization. It is very important to pay attention to the graphic design of your page, and CSS is just the tool that makes it easy to deal with this task. This is where you can change the various elements of the page to colorfully complement your survey.

3) Emails. It’s important to note here that we are referring to personalized emails that highlight your company’s style.


At the moment, there is no reason not to use White Label, when the availability of this technology has become maximum, and its opportunities to improve your marketing component are wider than ever. A very important advantage is the ability to use such surveys both for communication with customers and for communication with employees. At the same time, White Label allows you to take into account the little things that managers usually miss.

Using White Label belongs to the category of professional approaches that show the seriousness of your intentions. This shows that you are not missing out on an opportunity to tell everyone about your business, because it does have many strengths. Of course, this will have a positive effect on the image and status of your company.





Photo by Catherine Avak on Unsplash