Can I delete my user account? - Questionstar

Can I delete my user account?

Yes, you can delete your user account at any time. To do this, go to your profile settings, choose the tab “User Account”, scroll down and click on the button “Delete Account”. All data associated with your user account will be irrevocably deleted. This includes your customer data, your surveys, the data collected, contact lists, pictures, layout templates, etc. The deletion is final and cannot be undone. Please note that no costs will be refunded if a payment plan is deleted during its term.

Alternative to the deletion of the user account, consider to downgrade it to the FREE plan. In this case, your subscription will not renew automatically. Instead, your plan will simply downgrade to the free FREE user account at the end of its term. In this case, all your data will retain. If necessary, you can upgrade your user account anytime later.