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Logic Jumps & re-directs


We need a survey software that meets the following requirements:

  1. a) allow for Logic Jumps
  2. b) allow for 2 different auto re-directs: one for users who get disqualified during the survey (ie because they’ve clicked on ‘i’m under 18’) and one who successfully completed the survey


Yes, our tool supports both your requirements:


Skip logic you to navigate a respondent to a particular page in your questionnaire dependent on what they have answered in a question on the cuttend page.

Display logic allows you to hide or display a question or a page dependent on an answer to a previous questions.

You can add skip and/or display logic into a question by clicking on a correspondent button in the right properties panel.


You can also setup various redirects to any web site dependent on a particular condition and/or answer pattern. You can do it in the „quotas“ section of the „distribution“ view.

All these functions are available in all our plans – even in the free one. In fact, we do not hide features: in our free plan you can use and test all features of QUESTIONSTAR except for the user management.